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Most Recent Quarterly Report

Second Quarter Operational Report 2014-15 (Oct to Dec 2014)

Operational Reports are updated every three months to track our progress against the Annual Plan.

Documents on Public Exhibition

Draft Policy on Widespread Noxious Weeds.

This policy is designed to provide a framework for the staff and community when dealing with widespread weeds.

Submissions should be directed to the General Manager, HRCC, PO Box 6021, South Windsor, NSW, 2756 or by 19 March 2015.

Annual Reports


Annual Report 2013-14

Hawkesbury River County Council – Financial Statements – 2013-14

Our Annual Report against our Operational Plan – what we did, and how much it cost.

Management Plans

HRCC 10 Year Business Activity Strategic Plan 2013-2023

This is the long term management plan for Hawkesbury River County Council. It provides an overview and regional profile. The guiding strategic objectives and the principle activities (what we do) are described. This is the big picture plan.
It also includes a Resourcing Strategy (how are we going to pay for what we do) that is composed of a long-term financial plan, workforce management strategy and asset management plan.

HRCC 4 Year Delivery Program 2013-2017

The plan describes how we are going to deliver on our strategic objective over a four year period. It includes a budget and a more detailed breakdown of activities, measures, responsibilities and costs.

HRCC Operational Plan 2014-2015

This is our annual plan. It describes measures and costs by each Council area and activities over the 12 month period.

Pesticide Use Notification Plan

HRCC Pesticide Use Notification Plan 2013

This plan describes how chemicals are used safely in the environment. It provides information on the public places and types of chemicals used and how the community is notified about their use. It also includes a form to register as a “chemical sensitive” individual or place. 

Member Councillor Payment and Provision of Facilities Policy

HRCC Payment of Provisions and Expenses Oct 2013

This document sets out transparently the payments and facilities provided to Members of HRCC.