Position Vacant: Trainee Weeds Officers x2

Weed Officer Trainee (2 Positions Full Time / Temporary 2 Years) Position Description – Trainee Weeds Officer_Nov 2021 HRCC is a single purpose weed authority council for the cities of Blacktown, Hawkesbury, The Hills Shire and Penrith. We undertake weed control and inspection tasks across 3,800km2 and work in both land and aquatic environments. We … Read more

Postion Vacant: Biosecurity Weeds Inspector (Part-Time, 9-month contract)

  Conditions: $61,750 annual (pro rata, plus Super entitlements). Part time   Click here for the Position Description. About the business Hawkesbury River County Council is a local government organisation that covers one-third of the Greater Sydney area. Our roles are focused on the regulation of priority weeds under the Biosecurity Act 2015, landscape weed management, … Read more

HRCC Audited Financial Statements 2020/21

Notice is hereby given that the audited financial statements for the 2020/21FY will be presented at the next Ordinary Meeting of HRCC to be held on 14 October 2021. Submissions on the statements and an opportunity to observe the meeting can be made by contacting us. A summary of the 2020/21 Financial Result and full … Read more

Funding Cuts to HRCC

MEDIA RELEASE NSW GOVERNMENT FUNDING CUT HITS RIVER HEALTH, SAFETY, OLYMPIC ROWING TRAINING. The Chairman of the Hawkesbury River County Council (HRCC), Hawkesbury City Councillor Nathan Zamprogno, today expressed his concern about a State Government funding cut which will have consequences for aquatic weed control on the Hawkesbury- Nepean River. The HRCC was established in … Read more

Covid-19 Corona Virus Response

Hawkesbury River County Council Covid-19 (Corona Virus) Public Information Update HRCC is a local government organisation that functions as a local weed control authority. The majority of our work is conducted in open space environments such as parks and roadsides. As a result of Covid-19 we have however made a number of changes to our … Read more

The Sinking of the Weedosaurous

On Sunday 8 February 2020, after over 200mm of rain in 24 hours, our Aquatic Weed Harvester “The Weedosaurous” was sunk by rapidly rising floodwaters. It was berthed at Nepean Rowing Club in Penrith, having been in action just before Xmas removing aquatic weeds from the rowing course. It was berthed by two steel chains … Read more

Opuntioid cacti workshop

Earlier this month, 44 people representing 22 different government and non-government organisations from across the Greater Sydney region met at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute in south-west Sydney to learn how to identify and manage Opuntioid cacti. Learn more about these species and the workshop content here: Opuntioid cacti article  

New Weed Incursion reports

New weed incursions occur when weed species not previously recorded in a region or a part of the region are detected. New weed incursions should be managed in accordance with the New Weed Incursion Plan. Weeds that present a significant risk to our region are reported to the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the Greater Sydney Regional Weed Committee, the sub-regional weed committees and neighbouring regions. The following New Weed Incursion Reports contain information about the new weed incursions that have been reported since July 2017.

New Weed Incursion Report- Groundsel Bush (Baccharis halimifolia) at Somersby

New Weed Incursion Report- Christmas Candlesticks (Leonotis nepetifolia) at Woy Woy

New Weed Incursion report- Giant Devils Fig (Solanum chrysotrichum) at Wamberal and Oxford Falls

New Weed Incursion Report – Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides) at North Balgowlah

New Weed Incursion Report – Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata) at North Rocks


The Cost of Weeds In Australia

This recent Centre for Invasive Species report examines the economic costs of weeds to Australia. The startling conclusion is that it is an overall impost of $5 billion annually (that’s almost $14 million a day!). Of which, 90% of this cost is borne by agriculture, representing a tremendous burden on that sector. Ross McCloud’s report … Read more