Weeds Action Program


The NSW Weeds Action Program 2015-2020 (WAP1520) is a NSW Government Initiative to reduce the adverse impact of weeds on the economy, community and environment. The WAP1520 demonstrates the Government’s commitment to the NSW Invasive Species Plan 2017-2021 (ISP) by funding outcomes-based activities that contribute directly to the goals and objectives described in the ISP.

Priorities for WAP1520 are to:

• prevent the establishment of new invasive species

• eliminate or prevent the spread of new invasive species

• reduce the impact of widespread invasive species

• ensure that NSW has the ability and commitment to manage invasive species.

Hawkesbury River County Council (HRCC) is the Administrative Agency for the WAP1520 – Greater Sydney subprogram. HRCC is responsible for coordinating implementation of the sub-program, devolving funding to project partners, collating and submitting reports to DPI and for ensuring that funds are used in accordance with the requirements of the head funding agreement. HRCC is guided by the WAP1520 – Greater Sydney subprogram steering committee.

This page will communicate the activity, achievements and events that are being delivered across the region as part of the WAP1520 – Greater Sydney subprogram.  For more information call the Regional Weed Coordinator, Nicola Dixon, on (02) 4574 9601.

We are currently in Year 3 of  WAP2 (2015-2020).

High Risk Weeds Study Tour


Sicilian Sea Lavender is a cushion plant with the potential to cause the collapse of native salt marsh and exposed rocky coastal plant communities over a wide area of Australia.

The Kudzu vine can grow a foot per day and smother native vegetation.

Eradication is the management objective for these two highly invasive species in the Greater Sydney region, and that relies on early detection and control.

Join us on Thursday 9th November

for a study tour to learn how to identify each species, before they are eradicated from their current locations on the Central Coast.
RSVP essential, by Friday 3rd November.


Please contact Nicola Dixon, Greater Sydney Weeds Action Program Coordinator

02 4574 9601 or at wapadmin@hrcc.nsw.gov.au


Flyer for sea lavender bus trip

Sydney WAP Report 2016/17

23 October 2017

Summary of the outstanding collective achievements of the WAP1520 Greater Sydney subprogram partners in 2016-17, including some project highlights.

$2.7million was spent directly on weed surveillance, control and education activities in the second year of the subprogram.

The attached map shows how and where WAP funds and project co-contributions were spent across the Greater Sydney region to deliver key outcomes of the NSW Invasive Species Plan.

Year 2 WAP Activity Map

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 2.50.31 pm

GS WAP1520 expenditure and activity Map 2015-16

Weed Management Demonstration Day 2016


Weed Mangement Day Write-Up 2016

Weed Mgmt Demo Day Program

Methodology for Prioritising WAP1520 Applications

24 November 2015

Methodology for prioritising WAP1520 project partner applications. Version 16th September 2015

WAP1520 funding allocations and the ISP goals

WAP1520 project partners

Weeds Action Program Update

20 October 2015

1. The Greater Sydney WAP1520 project is now on Twitter @SydneyWAP1520 Follow for regular updates.

2. The Greater Sydney WAP1520 project is now on Facebook @ Sydney Region Wap1520 project

3. $2.5million was spent directly on weed surveillance, control and education in Year 5 of the Sydney WAP1015 project. This map reveals where and how the funds were allocated across the region.

WAP MAP 2015

4. Co-contributions by partner agencies increased by 11% in Year 5 of WAP1015. This graph shows the trend over the final 3 years of the project.

Co-contributions graph

5. This comprehensive summary showcases what was achieved across the Sydney region by the project partners in Year 5 of WAP1015


Sydney Weeds Action Program – Strategic Planning

18 Dec 2013


These documents have been developed regionally as part of the NSW Weeds Action Program. They have been designed to improve the coordination of Local Control Authorities in preventing the establishment of new weed species and containing the spread of high risk weeds.

As part of HRCC’s ongoing role as lead agency, the documents will be updated as required. For any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact Anthony Schofield, WAP Project Officer  (02) 4574 9601 or use the Contact Us page

See the links below for the latest version of each document.

SWC Communication Strategy_Dec2013

SWC High Risk Pathway & Sites Management Plan_Dec2013

SWC Regional Inspection Plan_Dec2013

SWC Regional Rapid Response Plan_Dec2013

SWC Weed Incursion Plan_Dec2013

 NSW Weeds Action Program Guidelines

A copy of the most recent guidelines can be obtained by clicking on the image below.