Pesticide Notifications

HRCC Aquatic Weed Control Program – Summer 2019/20

Hawkesbury River County Council will be conducting aquatic weed control along the Hawkesbury/Nepean River from Wallacia โ€“ downstream to Wisemans ferry and including the tributaries of; Cattai Creek, South Creek, Rickabys Creek and Redbank Creek. Weed control will be via spot spraying of registered herbicides, approved for use in aquatic situations by registration or by the APVMA under off label permit.

Yarramundi Reserve will also be targeted for aquatic and terrestrial species during this time targeting priority species.

The control program will be inclusive from 20 November 2019 through to 1 June 2020.

For further information call (02) 4574 9600 during office hours.

Natalie James

Weeds Control Coordinator

HRCC priority weed control program 2019/2020

Council will be conducting widespread spot control of priority weeds along roads, road reserves, and in council parks and reserves of our member councils from July 5, 2019, through to 30 June 2020.

Weeds treated during this time will be;

  • Boneseed
  • Mother of millions
  • African boxthorn
  • Broad leaf pepper
  • Green cestrum
  • Ming fern
  • Coolatai grass
  • Kei apple

Control of these weeds will take place via manual removal, low volume spot spraying, basal bark and cut stump control techniques.

Weed control operations will be conducted using registered herbicides and used in accordance to herbicide label directions and pose minimal risk to human, animal or environmental health when used in the manner prescribed.

Areas to be treated; Council managed roads, road reserves, parks and reserves in the local government areas of Blacktown, Hawkesbury, The Hills shire and Penrith.

IMPORTANT –  If using any herbicides around your home or property, always read the label before using any herbicide.  All chemicals MUST be used strictly in accordance with the registered label for the product.

For further information on this control program, or for general information regarding noxious weed species, please contact council on 4574 9600 or email

Pesticide Use Notification Plan

This plan describes how chemicals are used safely in the environment. It provides information on the public places and types of chemicals used and how the community is notified about their use. It also includes a form to register as a โ€œchemical sensitiveโ€ individual or place.