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Development of a Regional Priority Weeds List

27 Sep 2016

The Greater Sydney Regional Weeds Committee is currently developing the Sydney Regional Weeds Strategy. Greater Sydney LLS is administering the process.

A Sydney Technical Sub-Committee has been formed to assist in the preparation of the weeds lists which will constitute the appendix of the document.

The Sub-Committee is as follows:

Chris Dewhurst (Chair)

Hillary Cherry – OEH

Rob Adam – LLS

Nicola Dixon – WAP

Rod Ensby – DPI

Mel Hall  - Northern Sydney

Paul Marynison - Central Coast

Matt McNaughton – Sydney Macarthur

Eric Mahoney. Alt. Linda Thomas – Blue Mountains

Chris Stanfield – Western Sydney/Aquatics

Leanne Bunn – East/Central Sydney

Erin Fardy – Southern Sydney

Process to Date


15 June 2016 – First meeting of TSC. Development of process and timelines.Development of filters for regional weeds list (Schedule 4).

August 2016 – Four Sub-Regional Meetings undertook the initial development of sub-regional lists.

September 2016 – Project Officer, Anthony Schofield appointed by GSLLS

30 September 2016 – TSC Meeting. Included SWC guidance. Developed Sched. 4 list from material provided by Sub-Regional groups.

24 October 2016 – TSC Meeting. Developed “alert list” and combined with Sched. 4 list. Developed process for providing regional WRA for all species on Sched. 4 list. Included a comprehensive weeds list (Appendix 1).

Documents available for Information and Reference

27 Sep 2016


Key Terms and Definitions – Biosecurity Act 2015

Key Questions and Answers

Guiding document_Regional Mgmt Objectives and Actions_TechSubComm_FINAL_27 Sept 2016