Opuntioid cacti workshop

Earlier this month, 44 people representing 22 different government and non-government organisations from across the Greater Sydney region met at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute in south-west Sydney to learn how to identify and manage Opuntioid cacti. Learn more about these species and the workshop content here: Opuntioid cacti article  

New Weed Incursion reports

New weed incursions occur when weed species not previously recorded in a region or a part of the region are detected. New weed incursions should be managed in accordance with the New Weed Incursion Plan. Weeds that present a significant risk to our region are reported to the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the Greater Sydney Regional Weed Committee, the sub-regional weed committees and neighbouring regions. The following New Weed Incursion Reports contain information about the new weed incursions that have been reported since July 2017.

New Weed Incursion Report- Groundsel Bush (Baccharis halimifolia) at Somersby

New Weed Incursion Report- Christmas Candlesticks (Leonotis nepetifolia) at Woy Woy

New Weed Incursion report- Giant Devils Fig (Solanum chrysotrichum) at Wamberal and Oxford Falls

New Weed Incursion Report – Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides) at North Balgowlah

New Weed Incursion Report – Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata) at North Rocks


Sydney WAP Year 3 Summary and Highlights

$2.4 million was spent by the WAP1520 Greater Sydney subprogram partners in 2017-18 as they contributed toward key outcomes of the NSW Invasive Species Plan. A summary of the early detection, weed control, capacity building and extension activities that were delivered are summarised here with project highlights.   WAP Year 3 Summary and Highlights report

Sydney WAP Abridged Grant Round

The WAP1520 –Greater Sydney regional subprogram – Abridged Grant Round 2018-2020 is now OPEN. Approximately $400K in funding is available for Projects of up to two years duration that must be completed by 30 June 2020. The funding priorities for the Abridged Grant Round are Projects that:   prevent the establishment of new invasive species … Read more

Greater Sydney Strategic Documents

The following documents have been developed by the Greater Sydney Regional Weed Committee as part of the NSW Weeds Action Program – Greater Sydney regional subprogram and provide the basis for weed management planning and delivery in our region. They update the documents developed by Sydney Weeds Committees in 2013. Regional High Risk Pathways and … Read more

Sydney WAP Report 2016/17

Summary of the outstanding collective achievements of the WAP1520 Greater Sydney subprogram partners in 2016-17, including some project highlights. $2.7million was spent directly on weed surveillance, control and education activities in the second year of the subprogram. The attached map shows how and where WAP funds and project co-contributions were spent across the Greater Sydney region to … Read more