HRCC Annual Report 2022/23









Our Annual Report 2022/23 has recently been published and is now available online. A quick snapshot of some highlights include:

·         Controlling 69 hectares of terrestrial and 198 kilometres of aquatic weeds across the four local government areas

·         Undertaking 1,793 private property inspections

·         24,489 HA of the County mapped for weed infestations

·         Retaining staff who continually refine their control, surveillance and planning techniques to maximise efficiency and results

·         The continued dedication of building relationships with landowners and industry stakeholders

·          Continuing to be an industry leader in every facet of weed management when combined with our continued facilitation of the Hawkesbury-Nepean Landcare Network. 

·         Continued value for money proposition to ratepayers leveraging our economies of scale advantage.