HAVE YOUR SAY – Greater Sydney strategic weed planning documents

Four regional strategic planning documents were endorsed by the Greater Sydney Regional Weed Committee (RWC) on 7 June 2018. The documents were submitted to NSW DPI on 2 July, to satisfy mandatory requirements of the Greater Sydney Weeds Action Program project.

Verbal and written feedback was received from NSW DPI, and has now been incorporated into amended documents. Amendments are summarised below, and the documents are now available for comment by local control authorities and other key stakeholders.

Please provide any comments by email to anthony.schofield@lls.nsw.gov.au by 31 May 2019.


New Weed Incursion Plan

The document includes the region’s rapid response plan and has been comprehensively re-written with a focus on providing a step by step guide for response to numerous new weed incursion scenarios, including:

  • removal of significant redundant text, reducing the document by more than 20 pages.
  • inclusion of state and regional prevention, eradication and containment species in chapter 4.
  • updated weed risk assessment (WRA) instructions.


High Risk Pathways & Site Management Plan

  • Significant Assets section (section 8) removed.
  • Section 8 (previously section 9) updated to include additions to mapping tool as at 24 January 2019, and to note that pathways and sites have been identified and self-ranked by LCA’s.
  • Table 1 (summary) updated as at 24 January 2019. Assets table removed.

Regional Inspection Plan

  • Minor amendments to sections 3.1 and 3.3.
  • Amendment to section 4. Inclusion of “targets” table.
  • New paragraph/reference to compliance standard inserted at beginning of section 5.


Regional Weed Communication Strategy

  • Section 6.3 stakeholder mapping added