About Council


Hawkesbury River County Council (HRCC) has eight Councillors, two appointed by each of its constituent Councils.

The delegates from each Council are a Councillor of HRCC and do not specifically represent the interests of their own Council, but represent the interests of the County district as prescribed by the Local Government Act 1993.

The current Chairperson of HRCC is Clr. Brad Bunting and the current Deputy Chairperson is Clr. Karen McKeown.

List of Councilor’s from Constituent Councils.
Delegated as Members of the County Council.



Clr Andrew Jeffries.1

Clr. Alan Haselden

                          The Hills Shire Council

                          PO Box 75 Castle Hill

                          NSW  2154

                          Ph:  (02) 9843 0555

                          Fax:  (02) 9843 0410



Clr Walter Smith.1

Clr. Brad Bunting

                         Blacktown City Council

                         PO Box 63 Blacktown

                         NSW 2148

                         Ph:  (02) 9839 6000


Clr. Julie Griffiths

Clr Warwick Mackay.1

Clr Amanda Kotlash

Clr Bob Porter.1

Clr. Nathan Zamprogno

                        Hawkesbury City Council

                        PO Box 146 Windsor

                        NSW 2756

                        Ph:  (02) 4560 4444

                        Fax:  (02) 4560 4400



Clr Marcus Cornish.1

Clr. Marcus Cornish

Clr Kevin Crameri.1

Clr. Karen McKeown

                       Penrith City Council

                       PO Box 60 Penrith

                       NSW 2751

                       Ph:  (02) 4732 7777

                       Fax:  (02) 4732 7958