Aquatic Weed Control Program – Summer 2018/19

Hawkesbury River County Council will be conducting aquatic weed control along the Hawkesbury/Nepean River from Wallacia – downstream to Wisemans ferry and including the tributaries of; Cattai Creek, South Creek, Rickabys Creek and Redbank Creek. Weed control will be via spot spraying of registered herbicides, approved for use in aquatic situations by registration or by the APVMA under off label permit.

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service will also be conducting aquatic weed control as part of this program within Cattai Creek and in the vicinity of Cattai National Park as part of this program.

The control program will be inclusive from 30 November 2018 through to 1 June 2019.

For further information call (02)4574 9600 during office hours.

Chris Stanfield

Manager, Weed Operations

Senegal Tea will be a key focus for the program.