HRCC 75 Year Anniversary

HRCC Celebrates 75 Years of Excellence in Weeds Management and Community Service.

The Hawkesbury River County Council (HRCC) proudly announces its 75th Anniversary celebrations, commemorating a remarkable journey of service to the community since its establishment in 1948. The event will take place on Saturday 26thAugust 2023 from 10am to 12pm at 6 Walker St, South Windsor. Admission is free, and all members of the community are warmly invited to join in the festivities.

For three-quarters of a century, HRCC has been at the forefront of supporting weeds management across four local government areas in Western Sydney: Hawkesbury, Penrith, The Hills and Blacktown. Covering one-third of Greater Sydney, HRCC’s significant achievement in implementing the Biosecurity Act to combat weeds is a testament to its commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare.

HRCC has fostered strong community engagement in weed management with a proactive approach towards education and relationship building, using regulatory back-up where needed. Over the past decade alone, the HRCC has visited over 20,000 properties, resulting in meaningful contributions to reducing weed impact in the region. Its many efforts include controlling over 700 hectares of priority weeds on public lands – both on land and in water – making a substantial positive impact on the local environment.

The 75th Anniversary celebrations will commence with a friendly morning tea, where residents and former council members will have the opportunity to share their memories and experiences. HRCC will take this occasion to provide valuable free weeds advice, showcase their machinery, exhibit a fascinating photo display and offer a native plant giveaway, all while indulging attendees with complimentary morning tea.

Clr. Karen McKeown, – Chair of HRCC, expresses her profound pride in leading an organisation that has diligently served its member Councils for 75 years. She says, “I am proud to be the current leader of an organisation that has continually served our member Councils with 75 years of unbroken service. It has endured amalgamations, government reviews, floods, bushfires and most recently a pandemic. The fact it has existed for so long is a testimony to local government shared services and its inherent economic value proposition.”

HRCC General Manager Mr. Chris Dewhurst highlights the benefits of collaborative efforts in weeds management, remarking, “Councils working in cooperation have multiple benefits and are ideally suited to the challenge of weeds management. As weeds have no boundaries, they are much more cost effectively managed in a coordinated way across four Councils then they could be done alone.

HRCC staff are specialised and dedicated to the task, constantly refining their skills, and adapting new technologies such as satellites and drones.”

Join HRCC on this momentous occasion as they celebrate 75 years of environmental care, community service and shared achievements in weeds management. The event promises to be an engaging and insightful celebration for all attendees.

HRCC History 75 Year – Volume 3 – 2009-2023