New Weed Incursion reports

New weed incursions occur when weed species not previously recorded in a region or a part of the region are detected. New weed incursions should be managed in accordance with the New Weed Incursion Plan. Weeds that present a significant risk to our region are reported to the NSW Department of Primary Industries, the Greater Sydney Regional Weed Committee, the sub-regional weed committees and neighbouring regions. The following New Weed Incursion Reports contain information about the new weed incursions that have been reported since July 2017.

New Weed Incursion Report- Groundsel Bush (Baccharis halimifolia) at Somersby

New Weed Incursion Report- Christmas Candlesticks (Leonotis nepetifolia) at Woy Woy

New Weed Incursion report- Giant Devils Fig (Solanum chrysotrichum) at Wamberal and Oxford Falls

New Weed Incursion Report – Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides) at North Balgowlah

New Weed Incursion Report – Chameleon Plant (Houttuynia cordata) at North Rocks


The Cost of Weeds In Australia

This recent Centre for Invasive Species report examines the economic costs of weeds to Australia. The startling conclusion is that it is an overall impost of $5 billion annually (that’s almost $14 million a day!). Of which, 90% of this cost is borne by agriculture, representing a tremendous burden on that sector. Ross McCloud’s report … Read more

Aquatic Weed Control Program – Summer 2018/19

Hawkesbury River County Council will be conducting aquatic weed control along the Hawkesbury/Nepean River from Wallacia – downstream to Wisemans ferry and including the tributaries of; Cattai Creek, South Creek, Rickabys Creek and Redbank Creek. Weed control will be via spot spraying of registered herbicides, approved for use in aquatic situations by registration or by … Read more

Sicilian Sea Lavender Study Tour

Sicilian Sea Lavender is a cushion plant with the potential to cause the collapse of native salt marsh and exposed rocky coastal plant communities over a wide area of Australia. The Kudzu vine can grow a foot per day and smother native vegetation. The management objective for these two highly invasive species in the Greater … Read more

Correctional centre gets a handle on weeds

The Emu Plains Correctional Centrehas pulled off a big win in the fight against weeds. In cooperation with Hawkesbury River County Council, centre management hasenlisted the help of minimum-security inmates and contractors to improve the management of the site located along Old Bathurst Rd. A large section of the site, which was once used by … Read more

HRCC Community Event

This is free event, but please RSVP by sending a message via our Contact Us page. Download the flier for the event here. Download the Draft Priority Weeds Plan. Download the condensed version of the HRCC Priority Weeds List Sept 2017 Additional info: NSW Department of Primary Industries – Weeds Biosecurity ENC_GM7_biosecurity terms-and-definitions-accessible ENC_GM7_General-Biosecurity-Duty